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Help Needed with Touchy Subject.

Today was perhaps a very displeasing day for me and my peers. It did, however provide me with some insight in an area needing further growth. The topic of the day was something that I feel can be swept under the rug more times than it should: child abuse. I pride myself in trying to be as understandable and tolerant of others in every way possible but this is an issue that can not and will never be accepted by myself nor do I have any intent on doing so. What right does anyone have to jeopardize the security, success, or self-actualization of any person, much less a child. What I did notice was my own emotional struggle when cases were brought up and implications were shown. Never before have I felt a mix of such sorrow, helplessness, and above all, rage. By the end of class I was ready to bang my head against the wall and I’m sure I was not alone. Upon reflection, a few things came to mind. Knowing how awful I felt I realize that I could very well feel infinitely worse while in my teaching career. According to a document from the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, published by the Public Health Agency of Canada, there is anywhere from a 25% to 33% chance that someone has suffered some form of abuse, as defined by the Government of Canada, at some point in their childhood. This means that every class has more than a slight chance of containing a child suffering from some kind of abuse. This is what made me realized that some personal development is needed. The emotions I felt today, though instinctive, will not help me if such an issue occurs in my class. I then call on all of you. I have written this not to tug on any heartstrings but to prepare myself and any other future teachers. I am aware this is a touchy subject to discuss but I will not stand idle if a future student of mine is hurt in any way. If any of you have ideas, suggestions, or experiences on helping an abused child that goes above informing Child Protective Services and making sure you’re there for them, I would love to hear from you. Anything that would help in the identification process or supplemental support for the child would be of great help. I truly hope the ideas I gather here will never have to be put into practice but I can not simply ignore the possibility. In the best of times I must prepare for the worst.

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  1. kmcgillivray
    October 4, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    I don’t know if there IS anything we can do besides informing the law if we suspect abuse, and trying to equip our students to say no and face those situations.

    Another implication of what you have written is that in each of our university classes of 30 students, 7 to 10 of our fellow classmates may have suffered abuse. (Unless the ratio differs according to demographic)

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