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Winter has come!

By far the best season, especially when your last tan was in fifth grade. The rather heavy snowfall last night was my first clear sign that winter has finally come. Though the groans and sighs of Saskatchewan cold must be put up with, my spirits remain high. As much as we pretend to detest it, there are some tell tale signs that we all secretely enjoy winter.

My first clue came when I was awoken by the classic scraping sound of plastic on glass. I look outside at 6:30 in the morning to see at least five people shoveling their cars out in the lot of my building. Though they were cold and probably tired, I could hear them talking to one another and telling jokes. Idle chit chat maybe but it’s somewhat a rare sight. Something about the weather seems to bring us together and help us connect in new ways. I was not immune to this effect either as, in the 20 minutes it took me to clear off the snow, I had also met 3 different people in my building.

Then came the drive to school. Though I am sure Ring Rd. had it’s fair share of skids and slips, my route showed some of the friendliest and respectful drivers I had ever shared the road with. People driving a little slower, clearly being aware of other drivers and (as if some miracle occured) waiting their turn! What I found odd was my fellow classmate’s negative reaction to the slower, safer driving. I would like to know what exactly is so bad about going slower when conditions are bad. Is our culture so obsessed with speedy cars and danger rushes that we really need to power slide to work?

My final piece of winter joy is sitting here in the Education Lounge. There is a Christmas tree set up here and though I wonder how long it will stay up before causing some sort of incident, it’s nice to see everyone immediately see the lights and smile. Most probably smiled, as I did, from knowing that they will be with loved ones very soon. Whether Christian, Jewish, Moslim, Buddhist or of any faith, the symbols of our festivals invoke a powerful emotion of serenity within us. In defence of this tree I ask that all remember that the purpose of these symbols is not to discriminate but to remind us of the joy of being with loved ones for a celebration for whatever reason. These celebrations all have unique historical context but we all celebrate the same way, with family and friends.

Though the novelty of winter will wear off around January when temperatures are around that of the arctic circle, I’ll be enjoying the good times while they last. We’re all very different people but merrily fighting through our Saskatchewan winters truly brings us all closer as one. Always remember no matter how cold it gets, we’re all in this together!

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