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The “Thank You” Post

It would only be fair to practice what I preach. A while back I posted a blog urging all of us to thank our former teachers for their efforts in shaping who we are today. That said, I would like to thank each of my proffesors this semester:

Alec Couros – I would like to thank you mostly for my professional development this semester. Through the development of this portfolio as well as the introductions to technology I had either previously been unaware of or dismissive of, I have grown significantly as a professional. The tools I have taken away from your class have sparked career long projects that I am anxious to continue.

Patrick Douard – Thank you, above all, for being frank and honest with the class. With what could be some very sensitive issues, you refused to sugar coat the truth and showed the issues as they were. This helped me personally put the issues of multiculturalism into a much deeper perspective and helped me shine a new light and numerous societal issues and events.

Patrick Lewis – I appreciate you for emphasizing the importance of critical thinking. Through each of the assignments in class, I felt I was able to always ask the “Whys” needed to better understand the topic at hand. Keeping this valuable trait will be of utmost importance and I am very happy to have been able to develop it.

Rhonda Nelson – I am very thankful for the information in your class that has allowed me to be far more empathetic to youth then before. I would also like to say your obvious passion and dedication to what you do is definitely something to be emulated.

Wendy Willis – Thank you for bringing me “out of my shell”. The very nurturing environment you were able to provide in your classes really helped me improve my ability to speak in public and is an environment I truly hope to duplicate in my own classes in the future.

Again, thank you to all my professors for helping me grow both as a teacher and, more importantly, a person.

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