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On Legos and Teddy Bears

Since it is a time to be with family I visited my mom a couple days ago and the topic inevitably turned to my childhood and I found a box that had two of my most prized possesions – my teddy bear and my Lego.

First of all, why isn’t Lego in schools? I understand that the small pieces may be harmful to those in Kindergarden or grade 1 but to the older children, Lego is one of the best toys you can have. I often hear of compaints from teachers and professors that play is far too “structured” and toys today don’t spark any creativity. So why don’t we introduce toys that do. Lego has been around long before my time yet I don’t remember seeing it once in class! Especially at this time of year where indoor recesses tend to be common, why not have toys that spark creativity rather than follow a set list of rules like a board game? Lego was probably my best form of creative outlet growing up. Which boy doesn’t remember making some spectacular Lego mothership at some point in his life.

Then came my teddy. I think everyone should (if you haven’t recently) go take a look at their old security item. Everyone has one but when was the last time you saw it felt that rush of warm fuzzies fall over you. I’m not sure what is about them but, especially during the hecticness of final exams, things just get a lot more peaceful in the company of your teddy, blanket, doll, or whatever else you had to call your own growing up.

The lego and the teddy are both with me now, much to the protest of my mother.

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