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The Corpocracy

To retouch on my previous post, I again feel uneasy about corporations figuring out ways to get inside our heads. I have never been impressed with how we, as society, fawn over brand names and follow the will of corporations so fanatically. To those who have read Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell, know what I mean. A section in the novel describes a dystopian future society in which common items (such as movies, and shoes) are permenantly replaced with the brand that makes them (Disneys, Nikes). The government is completely controlled by corporations based on how much money they have and all public policy is made solely in pursuit of profit. Clearly an extreme end of corporate freedom but where is the line to be drawn. We already have Kleenex. We have lobbyists in Ottawa and Washington waiting to prey on any elected member showing the slightest sign of greed. With some clever maneuvering, the corpocracy in Cloud Atlas could easily be obtained.

My fear of this is based on a personal conclusion – Money cancels out logic every time. If you don’t believe me, find out what the “Official Restaurant of the Vancouver Winter Olympics” is. From a profitable perspective, McDonalds will be the predominant food advertisement throughout the games as we welcome tourists from around the globe. Big bucks coming in a month. Now from a logical perspective, everyone knows high athletic performance goes hand in hand with Big Macs right?

I do not feel that corporations are “bad” or “evil” as they are, in fact, not alive and capable of such attributes. It is the people in charge that represent their company and their pursuit to prosper. To assume that any transaction is inheritly good or bad would be foolish but one always needs to remember that a corporation has a duty to maximize profit and the transaction would not be there unless it benefits them in some way.

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