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Internal Sacrifice

A common theme among many of my education classes is filling out a short biographical profile sheet. The purpose ranges from mere contact information to a authentic attempt from the instructor to get to know his/her class. While filling one out this semester I came across a question that picked at my brain a bit. Following the question “What do you value about for education (both K-12 and university)” was this:

What has troubled/annoyed you about your educational experience?

I remember my answer clearly. “The subjectiveness of much of the education program. One can succeed merely by agreeing with the professor and saying exactly what is wanted to be heard”. You don’t have to be right, as long as the professor thinks you are. I have experienced this time and time again where, solely for the sake of my grade, I have sacrificed what I believe in just to please the one marking my paper. I am curious to know how common this becomes in the field. How often will I sacrifice my core beliefs and teaching philosophy for the sake of educational politics? Is the solution as easy as finding a new district or will this inevitably come with the job?

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