I was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK into a very small family consisting of my mother, aunt, and two grandparents. The minimalism of my family growing up allowed for very close family bonds throughout my family and we still remain very close knit. I attended Ecole Victoria School from kindergarden through grade 8 in the French Immersion Program. Though I have not continued any formal training in French, I try to preserve as much as possible at any opportunity.

As early as grade 1, my love for all things technological began. One of my first recolections in school is the day our classroom received it’s own new computer complete with a CD-ROM drive, pre-loaded with a few educational games. After that, I would constantly pester my mother for the latest gadgets and tech-toys. This inevitably led to a family computer a year later that would use up all my free time and once in high school, a personal computer truly hooked me into the digital environment.

High school was a period of individualism for me. I became aware of my own strengths, limitations and learning styles very early through my own self discovery and the nurturing of family and teachers. Through this, I have come to believe highly in the power of the individual and my teaching philosophy reflects that. Though cooperation and interpersonal learning is vital to education, the empowerment of the individual and self actualization is essential to learning and growing throughout life.

By grade 11, I had my first (and current) job. Working in fast food, I gained a very strong work ethic and am very thankful for the traits and interpersonal skills that had developed. I remain very close with my superiors and still work for them at almost every opportunity, mostly due to loyalty. Though not many would say the same, I feel I owe a lot of my mature development to working in such an industry.

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