The Classroom

Not only is the classroom integral to student learning, it must also be a student’s possible “home away from home”. Should a student feel no security at home, it is the teacher’s and school’s responsibility to ensure a safe and secure place where the student can be. Each student should have a section of the class to call their own. Be it a desk, part of the wall or anything at all. It is vital that the student, upon entering the class, immediately has a sense of belonging, security, and pride. Only when these basic needs are achieved can any true learning take place. The room should also help reflect the teacher. Should a student wonder if he/she is in the right room a quick glance around should signify to the student exactly who the teacher is and what grade is being taught. Just like a section of the room should belong to each student, a section should belong to the teacher as well. The display of achievements and development should help enforce the teachers identity of a leader and professional. Lastly the classroom must feel personal to all members of the class. Class work should be displayed frequently and proudly. Resources should be easy to find and well organized in order to enhance student learning.

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