The Teacher

My personal definition of a teacher is simply “the most experienced student in the classroom”. I believe an effective teacher knows he/she should never stop learning. If a teacher assumes that there is nothing left to learn then a sense of arrogance develops very quickly which often leads to a power struggle between the teacher and students. If you witness a group activity and the correct procedures are in place, not only do the students work and learn extremely well together but social interaction and a sense of community grow as well. A teacher should actively nurture this sense with their students. They should work with their students, not dictate them. Proper procedures will ensure this sense of classroom community stays strong and it is the major responsibility of the teacher to ensure that these procedures are both fair and followed closely. Teachers should be trained to prevent mishaps and behavioral issues from occurring at all rather than how to properly discipline a “problem student”. Visually, a teacher should be seen as a professional. Students should know at a glance that there is something that sets the teacher apart and can be approached for guidance in any subject or issue concerning the child. Finally, teachers should be able to show confidence and leadership at all time. Again, the image of a teacher is very important and these traits help show students that you are someone to model and someone to respect. Teachers are the designated leader of the classroom community and should honor and respect the appointment.

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